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I didn’t plan on making a separate entry for this restaurant but I remember how happy we felt to have found a place to eat good Thai food at a very cheap price (relative to Phuket’s prices.) Suksabai Restaurant is just a few blocks away from our hotel, Rambuttri Village Inn.  We didn’t know anything about this place before choosing to eat here so our food were all happy accidents.


Lorraine had this spicy seafood pasta dish. We were all quite surprised to see this type of pasta because we are used to using macaroni shells on our desserts here in the Philippines. The dish packed a lot of spice, a good way to perk us up before we go out to explore Bangkok. It could have used a tad more seafood slices if you ask me, but Lorraine seemed to be content with her dish.


Allan opted for the seafood fried rice. It was also quite tasty and really spicy. Allan didn’t even bother ordering another dish because this was rice + viand in one, they were quite generous with the shrimp and fish pieces. 


I on the other hand, being the soup addict that I am, had to get something with well… soup. LOL. It was very hot that day but I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t even understand this addiction haha. My food was also quite good! The soup was hearty, the chicken slices were tender and the veggies tasted fresh. I loved it!


Suksabai Restaurant is a nice place to hang out and people watch since it is just right on the side of the road. The atmosphere was really nice and I heard they have live music in the evening. Sounds like fun!



After the Phuket leg of our Thailand trip, we boarded an overnight bus that would take us to Bangkok. It was bittersweet; I would finally be able to explore Bangkok but will be leaving behind the serenity of Phuket. Nevertheless, I was more than excited to partake of what Bangkok has to offer. Let me start with our hotel: Rambuttri Village Inn.

Rambuttri Village Inn is near Khao San Road where most of the backpackers and budget travelers gravitate towards to, especially at night. It is strategically located at the more quiet and less crowded Soi Rambuttri. However, it is quite far from any train station but we honestly didn’t mind.


We arrived early in the morning and as expected, our room wasn’t available yet. We killed some time at a nearby Burger King where we also had breakfast. When we got back to the hotel, we still had to wait a little while for our room. We didn’t mind because the lobby offered comfortable sitting areas where waiting guests could rest and lounge while they wait for their rooms to be ready.


The room that we got was pretty basic – cable television, aircon, comfortable bed, a huge window, and a sizable bathroom. It was just right for us, though significantly smaller than our room in Phuket. Still, we didn’t mind because we expected to be out most of the time anyway. We didn’t have anything scheduled for our first day in Bangkok so we decided to check out the rooftop swimming pool.


Their pool was the only thing that stood out from our whole hotel experience. Bangkok is quite hot and humid so having a swimming pool is a really big plus. Not to mention the fact that we had the pool all to ourselves. Guess all the other guests were all out exploring the city.


Since the pool is at the rooftop, it gave us quite a good view of the surrounding buildings. Although we didn’t know exactly what we were looking at, it was still nice to be able to see our surroundings from a bird’s-eye view.


I did not take any photo of our room because as I said, it was as basic as can be. But another nice thing with our hotel is their outdoor garden where guests could sit down to eat their meals or just relax. Below is the view from the café in front of the hotel. So relaxing, yes?


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For our last meal in Phuket, our driver brought us to Phongphang Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant gives off a Dampa vibe with all the tanks that contain live seafood scattered all over the place. You can make a selection from the live seafood and have them cooked to your liking. Or if you’re really not in the mood for that, you can order from their ~normal~ menu, which is exactly what we did.


Green Chicken Curry – Super strong curry taste. And you see those grape-like bunch of green thingamajigs? They tasted funny. Curiosity got the better of me and I popped one into my mouth. REGRETS.


Crispy Fried Shrimp w/ Garlic – Juicy shrimps with a light and crispy batter topped with crispy garlic bits. YUM!


Sauteed Vegetables – The Ilocana in me always wants vegetables. They look and taste like chopsuey.


Seafood Tomyum – Deliciously sour and spicy broth with lots of seafood goodness in it. Especially loved the fish meat.


Seafood Fried Rice – Of course we gotta have rice. I loved how generous they were with the seafood. Lots of shrimp and squid bits.


Watermelon Shake & Fresh Coconut Juice – fresh and not overly sweet. Perfect way to cool down on a very hot day.


Phongphang Seafood Restaurant is quite a long drive from Patong Beach but it is definitely worth a try. Wish I could go back someday for the live seafood!

Phuthai Souvenir Markets and Handicrafts is the biggest souvenir store in Phuket. I read somewhere that the tour drivers may receive petrol coupons when they bring tourists to the store. This might just be true because there were a lot of tourists there when we dropped by.


They have lots of novelty items for sale that are good as take home souvenirs or gifts to friends and family back home. Honestly, majority of the items are quite expensive so we mostly just browsed around, looking for cheap deals.


For some reason, the store contained a lot of bags that are designed to look like owls. Maybe the Thais have a fascination for owls? LOL, I dunno…market3

I also did not get the toy snakes and the can opener. Are these signature Thai items? The photo album in the middle is actually pretty nice but very expensive so I did not buy it.market4These pens were far more affordable and actually made more sense than most of the random items all around. I walked out of the store with packs of pens that I gave away to office mates and friends when I got back from my vacation.


If I had the extra money (and a beautiful house to hang them up on), I would have taken home one of these wood carvings. Maybe next time…


As mentioned, most of the items in the store are expensive so it’s actually better to wait til you get to Bangkok for your pasalubong shopping. That is if you’re heading to Bangkok after which is exactly what we did. That being said, Phuthai Souvenir Markets is still worth the visit.


Almost a year ago, I traveled to Thailand for the first time with my good friends, Allan and Lorraine. I had a total of six days to spend in this beautiful country so I decided to split my time between Phuket and Bangkok. Plans of meeting up and partying at Pattaya with Vlad and his sister were also in order but did not push through due to time constraints.

Upon landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we took a cab that would take us to Don Muang Airport (DMK). From DMK, we will be flying to Phuket where our itinerary officially starts. We were making good time so we had the chance to admire the decor inside the airport. Not used to such grand displays inside an airport, we were quite amused with all the golden things scattered all over the departure area.







After about 90 minutes, we arrived at Phuket International Airport. Another cab ride took us to our hotel. We were way early for check-in so we killed some time having breakfast in their in-house restaurant. I will be making a separate entry on our hotel because it deserves one, hehe. When we finally got to check in; we took a little rest, freshened up and were ready to go out by lunchtime. We asked a tuktuk driver to take us to a restaurant, one that’s close to the beach if possible. True enough, we ended up at a restaurant with a view of the Patong Beach.

For lunch, we had (1) Fried Rice in Pineapple, (2) Spicy Fried Shrimp, (3) Fried Fish with Mushrooms and (4) Pad Thai. It was the most expensive and most rightly so the most delicious Pad Thai of our entire trip. When our food was served, I realized that “fried” in other Asian countries is more of sautéed with some sort of sauce. LOL. Wala lang…







After eating, we decided to stroll around Patong Beach. It’s massive shoreline (the whole stretch is 3.5KM long!!!) was filled with so many tourists and equally numerous locals aggressively urging everyone that passes by them to try whatever they offer. Patong Beach is the main tourist resort in Phuket and understandably so. You can never run out of things to do here – from varying water activities to just lounging around. At night, the bars that line its shores come alive and get filled with so many tourists.







When we got tired of walking along the shore (and all the men coaxing us to try everything), we moved to the street lined with stalls and carts peddling anything and everything under the sun. From shirts, to magnets, to massages, to food – it’s all there! We zoomed in on the crepes because NUTELLA. Haha! We ate our crepes as we walk back to our hotel. We never took a tuktuk to and from Patong Beach again because the distance was manageable after all.




When we got back to our hotel, we immediately changed to our swimming suits and lounged in the pool for a good two hours. We also took advantage of this downtime (and stronger wi-fi) to update our families and social networks. It was getting cold as soon as the sun went down so we decided to get ready for dinner. A few minutes walk from the hotel led us to a group of peddlers offering a lot of street food. We had noodle soup with two different kinds of toppings (beef and chicken), chicken pad thai, and fruit shakes to down them all. Super yummy and cheap street food!






Our first day in Phuket was not too eventful but I couldn’t think of a better way to start our vacation. Come back for the rest of our Thailand stay! 🙂