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Due to insistent demand of the two people that read my blog lol, I am trying to bring back to life my small space in the internet. I could give you a thousand reasons why I stopped updating but they can be summarized in two words: LIFE HAPPPENED. So let’s just pretend I was never really gone and get on with this post.

Today, Jo and I went out for a Sundate (lol annoying). We had no specific plans in place, we just wanted to catch up and spend some time together. Well honestly, we just wanted to go somewhere cold and not too crowded. We ended up in Festival Mall and Landmark where the AC is not too cold and there were tons of people around, haha! FAIL.

We got to the mall during lunch time and we were interested in was PACKED! We ended up eating in Landmark foodcourt which was not so bad after all. We had sisig, Chinese kikiam, tuna sinigang, and Banh Mi (for appetizer haha). No photos of the food because we were more focused on eating instead of taking pictures.

We also decided that we will catch a movie and Jo demanded we get Munchkins for movie snacks. This was such a nostalgic day for us because it felt very simple and it brought us back to the days when these were all the stuff that we ate because it’s all we could afford (foodcourt and Dunkin – no KK yet!). Haha OA lang yung “it’s all we could afford”, classic lang talaga ng food choices namin today.

We don’t frequent Festival Mall so half of the time we were wandering around, looking up at signs to guide us where to head next. We got lost at one point and ended up in a very empty area. We took advantage and took photos with our very tita Dunkin Donuts snacks.

We decided to catch “Sid & Aya” after having lunch. There was a massage place near the cinema which was perfect because we had time to spare before the movie. We availed of the 30-minute back massage which would have been good except for the fact that it felt like we were getting naked in the middle of the mall. I honestly thought it was a dry massage until the masseuse started to hitch up my shirt and rub oil all over my back! The place was actually closed off to the public but we were fully exposed to natural light. Basta, it was awkward! Haha the things we get ourselves into!

After the slightly terrifying massage experience, we lugged our munchkins to the cinema to see “Sid & Aya”. It was an OK movie – Anne is gorgeous, I love her LV bag when she was in Japan, it’s cool to see your work place in a movie, I love how we’re starting to have cursing lines in mainstream movies again. But it was just an OK movie for me. If there’s one thing to rave about “Sid & Aya”, it’s the sountrack! Guys seryoso ang ganda ng soundtrack – I will surely listen to it repeatedly in the next few weeks.

After the movie, we just went around the mall to buy some stuff. I got a dress on super sale, a pair of slippers, and super random stuff from the Japan store. I was home before 9pm – what a tita! Hahaha!

Anyway, today was very enjoyable. I have resolved to do more things outside of work. I will try more new restaurants again, travel again, and blog about them again. Or so I hope… Tingnan natin kung ma-maintain!