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This year’s Holy Week vacation, I brought along Cris and our friends (Tina and Timmy) back to my hometown – Ilocos Norte. I took them to places my family usually visit when I am home or if we have visitors over. Most of the places we visited are at most 10 minutes away from home, including the small mountain/hill that we climbed to get a sweeping view of the newly-erected windmills in our town. I also took them to the infamous Paoay Church and Malacañang of the North. Please watch the video below – though Youtube butchered the video quality. Enjoy! 🙂


Have you ever been to Ilocos Norte? What is your favorite tourist spot to visit there?

Borawan is a play on two words – Boracay and Palawan. It’s an island named so because, as some people claim, it has white sand reminiscent of Boracay and rock formations the same as Palawan’s limestone cliffs. If one gets the chance to have the Boracay and Palawan experience in one at a measly price, one grabs it.


My friends and I boarded a bus bound to Lucena, got off at the Grand Terminal. Got on a mini bus and alighted at the town of Padre Burgos where we got on tricycles that brought us to the port. From there, we rented a boat that would take us to Borawan Beach. Someone gave us a tip that people usually do the Borawan to Dampalitan route so we decided to go against the flow of people and camp out at Dampalitan Island instead.


Upon arrival to the island, we pitched our tents and settled down for the day.



In all fairness, Dampalitan Island’s sand could pass up as Boracay’s shores from afar. While the sun is shining its brightest, the white sand seems to glow it almost hurts the eyes.




After lunch and a quick nap, the water level went down low enough to reveal a little sandbar. We walked on the sandbar and took photos farther out into the sea. That entertained us for about 30 minutes until it got too hot to be enjoyable. We went back under the shade and napped some more while waiting for the sun to go down. When it got a little cooler, we explored the opposite side of the shore and came across some sea friends.




We watched the sun set and it was beautiful. It was made better by the absence of a big crowd. Guess going against the norm paid off, after all.




When it got dark, we cooked and had our dinner. We built a fire and drank and danced around it. We also roasted marshmallows for our s’mores. It was a great night. 🙂




The next day, our boat came by and brought us to Borawan Beach.




I had to agree that the cliffs do resemble the limestone formations in Palawan albeit being miniature compared to the real thing. When we got to the island, there was a group of rock climbers uhmmmmm climbing the rocks LOLOLOL. We contented ourselves in climbing on top the less intimidating ones and swimming around the clear waters. We didn’t really do much at Borawan Island and I have to say that I liked Dampalitan better.




Borawan is being marketed better than what it actually is. But if you’re looking for a new beach to explore this summer, it is still worth the try.

When booking for hotels on vacations, we all have a lot of considerations in mind. Location, amenities and affordability are always on the top of my list. Luckily, we found one that meets our standards.

Leelawadee Boutique Hotel is within walking distance from the charming Patong Beach where most of the touristy things are. The hotel has an in-house restaurant with a delicious à la carte menu. What won us over is the free buffet breakfast that comes with our hotel reservation. Hard to resist free things, right?



Every morning, we would make our way down to the restaurant to get our fill of eggs, sausages, and freshly cut fruits. You can request to have some eggs done however you like, and the cook will prep them on the fly. A fairly wide selection of drinks is also available. Cold juice or freshly brewed coffee, whatever floats your boat.




We booked the cheapest room that could fit the three of us. We had zero expectations on how large the room was and we would have been happy with whatever we had as long as we could fit comfortably in it. Imagine our delight when we got ushered to our very large room. Plus points for them letting us into our room waaaaay before the normal check-in time.








Our room was on the second floor which provided a very good view of the swimming pool. The stairway going up to our floor is also gorgeously lit up at night which provided a nice backdrop to some token vanity photos.


Moving on to the pool, we almost always had it all to ourselves. Every afternoon, we would lounge around drinking some local beer and eating some snacks. When we get tired of the water, we move around an upper deck that has a great view of the sun setting from the distance. Aaaaaahhh the tranquility!




The hotel is decorated in a contemporary Thai style and it was fun searching and photographing all the little ornaments scattered all over the lobby. One of my favorite is the bathroom sign near the reception area.

The exceptionally warm service of the hotel crew should also be commended. They always have a warm smile on their face and they’re always ready to cater to our every little special request.



108436480If you are going to Phuket any time soon, I would highly recommend this hotel. You can check their official website here:



Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂 I hope you had a grand time during the holiday, however way you spent it. As for me, I went home and spent two full weeks with my family. It was two weeks filled with bonding, movies, and a lot of food.

The new year gives us a chance to start anew. Hence, me trying to revive my blog… AGAIN! LOL

I plan to do weekly recaps by showing you pictures of how my day went. It might get boring when work gets busy but I will try to stick with it as much as I can. So here goes! 🙂




January 1: Welcomed the New Year with a simple feast shared with my family. I spent all day at home playing with the pets, watching movies with my folks and feeding relatives that come over. I also decided to quit soda (yes, again!). And may I just say that all our pets are so lambing! Except for Uno who’s such a total bitch, of course.



January 2: Decided to finally get a driver’s learner’s permit. I knew I needed some pictures taken so I prettified myself up just to be disappointed with the photo quality LOL. It was so damn low-res haha! Went on a road trip to eat some (or maybe lots) of barbecue and take pictures of the sunset by the beach. Too bad Mama was not able to join us coz she was still stuck at work.



January 3: My Ilocos trip comes to an end. Before heading back to Manila, I got my nails done because nail art is so damn cheap in the province! And look how pretty my nails are! Never mind the sausage fingers LOL. And a final parting shot of the town welcome sign as I was waiting for my bus to pick me up.



January 4: Back to Manila. My day was filled with sleep, hair colors and garlic breath LOL. Only shot I got to take was that of Rockwell from the bedroom window. image


January 5: Fixed my room and finally got to hang up my fairy lights. So pretty!!! My room smelled so clean and I slept so well that night. image


January 6: Back to reality, back to work. Which also means back to taking mirror pictures in the bathroom and elevators. I had to work overtime for a bit and was quite surprised to see the 11th floor hallway to be so empty. Seems like most of the people decided to start their year right and leave early. Good for them! 🙂image


January 7: I have a habit of overusing the newest shoes that I have (hence the picture of my feet). When I got to work, I realized that I shouldn’t be using those shoes that much because I initially bought them for choir performance purposes so I then changed into my trusty wedges. Wedges are also much easier to walk on and I needed to run some errands, so good decision after all. Left work early to have dinner with Vlad and Gian at Infinitea (Thanks for the treat Vlad!). And I finally got my pasalubong from Dubai. The stuffed dates and baklava are all so yummy. Thanks Denver! 🙂image



How did the first week of your 2014 go?



I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is NEAR AND FAR.



The second part of my 3-part entry to this week’s challenge. 🙂

The horizon during sunset. ♥



*Photos taken at Ligpo, Batangas

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