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The “Brothers and Sisters” gang trooped over to Tagaytay to celebrate the birthdays of our January babies – Nero and Jo. We booked an overnight stay at a cozy Bed & Breakfast but decided to have lunch first before checking in.



The celebrators chose BREAKFAST at ANTONIO’S for their birthday lunch. Going up to Tagaytay took us forever and we were so hungry by the time we got to the restaurant. It was already past lunch time and we expected the lunch-hour-crowd to have dissipated, but we expected wrong LOL. We still had to wait for almost 30 minutes before getting seated. No complaints though because the promise of a good lunch kept our spirits up.



Antonio’s Farm Fresh Mesclun Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette (P350) | I hope I am getting the name of this salad right, hahaha! It had boiled egg slices, different types of cheese, some kinds of nuts and seeds, cucumber, bell pepper, assorted leafy greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. LOL. I laugh at my poor attempt at describing this dish. One thing I am sure is that everything on the plate was demolished.




Assorted Bread (P150) | There were five assorted bread slices served in a basket. As far as I can remember; there was raisin, pumpkin, wheat and that’s all I have. Haha! My memory is so bad maybe because I was too hungry to function well. They serve butter and fruit jam with this bread basket. You could ask for more jam if you want to, so go on and indulge! 🙂



Smoked Pork Baby Back Ribs w/ Mexican Rice & Baked Beans (P490) | *A Rack of Pork Ribs marinated and grilled in Barbecue Sauce, served w/ Thick Fries, Garlic Chips and Cilantro. This is in their High Noon Special which they only serve from 11 onwards. I think I missed the garlic chips in this dish but the ribs were good. They were very savory and soft, the meat can easily be pierced off of the bone.



Fish & Chips (P650) | *Dover Sole w/ Chicken Salt and Tartar Sauce. I am not familiar with dover sole nor chicken salt but I know that their tartar sauce was good. I even dipped some of the fries in it because it was that refreshingly good. The fish was also nice, lightly battered and still juicy and flaky. And the fish slices were big, perfect for sharing.



Roast Chicken stuffed w/ Rosemary & Garlic Potato (P600) | Another item in their High Noon Special. The chicken was perfectly done – the breast was still very much juicy and plump. However, the cream sauce came out too salty. Such a shame because I would have loved to slather my chicken with all that creamy goodness.



Mixed Seafood Tagliatelle (P610) | The tomato-based sauce was good, a little on the sour side which I love. It came with a mix of seafood fare – mussels, shrimp, scallops and some kind of fish. The noodles were a tad bit overcooked, bordering on the mushy side. Not pictured was an order of Portabello Tagliatelle (P495) with truffle cream sauce. I LOVED IT! The noodles were perfectly cooked and I just loved the earthy and creamy sauce with generous slices of portabello mushroom.



Arugula Tomato Balsamic Pizza (P490) | We originally ordered this but was informed by our server a few minutes later that they couldn’t serve it because their oven broke down. That’s the reason why we had two orders of pasta instead. However, it turned out that their oven was working after all and that they’ve already prepared this before they got our order cancellation. So our server gave it to us instead, FOR FREE! Yay for free food! Haha. That being said, it was also very good. The crust was thin and crunchy (just how I like it!) and the toppings were fresh and light.



We weren’t really up for dessert because we were all really full by this time. We also ordered drinks (milkshakes and smoothies not pictured) that’s why the craving for something sweet was not there. However, Jo wanted their cheesecake so we ordered a slice of their orange cheesecake. I honestly didn’t like it that much. There was something weird about the orange-mint-cheese combo that I just didn’t appreciate. 



When we were fully satiated, we headed out only to be greeted by thick fog everywhere. I swear, it almost felt like a scene from a horror movie. 



It was also drizzling lightly so we quickly snapped a token souvenir photo at the restaurant’s facade. We were all smiles and filled to the brim – a perfect way to kick off our Tagaytay weekend. 




This week was mainly spent on catching up. Catching up with friends, celebrations, and fitness goals.



January 29: Second session of our self-imposed Wellness Wednesday. We worked hard all right! And more people joined the group as well. Here’s to hoping we get to sustain this.



January 30: Last working day of the week because tomorrow is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Caught up with Allan over Starbucks coffee (their new drink btw – Chestnut Macchiato – is good, try it!). Met up with Timmy and chatted ’til wee hours. We never run out of stuff to talk about.



January 31: Brunch at Slice N’ Dice because we ended up waking up just a little before noon. It had been ages since I last ate here and I actually missed their baked tahong. Noms! Watched a PBA game at Araneta Coliseum and our team won. Go Ginebra! Lol



February 1: Welcoming the new month with an out-of-town getaway. We drove up to Tagaytay to celebrate Jo and Neri’s birthdays. Before going to our hotel, we had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. (Yummy food! Watch out for a separate entry.) We ended up checking in to our hotel at a little before 4pm because traffic was freaking horrible. Ugh!



February 2: It was definitely not Tagaytay weather when we woke up. The sun was in full force and our hotel pool looked very inviting. Too bad I was feeling sick so I didn’t get the chance to have a quick dip. Before heading back to Manila, we stocked up on local goodies from the market and filled our grumbling tummies with bulalo goodness. As expected, traffic was still disgustingly horrible. Ugh!



February 3: I was feeling horrible when I woke up so I decided to call in sick at work. Spent the day alternating between napping and watching old movies. And I got a taste of one of the weirdest tasting ice cream I’ve had in my life, so far. It’s apparently made of carabao milk with bits of kesong puti. All it tasted to me was frozen margarine. Blech!



February 4: I was feeling a bit better so I went back to work armed with my trusty calamansi juice. For further reinforcement, I filled it with lemon slices. Take that, Vitamin C! LOL. I attended choir rehearsal even if I was hacking like crazy because I missed last week’s practice. Gotta hustle!





I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is MOVEMENT.



Me and my friends in front of Bahia de Baler, a resort in Baler, Aurora.

Me and my friends in front of Museo de Baler.

My cousins on top of a hill overlooking a rocky beach and with a lighthouse in the background.

My friend on Beta Way (a famous walkway in UP Diliman) during one of our “reminiscing-about-university-life-dates”.

My then-roommate during our island tour in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

A friend’s friend, when I tagged along with them on their Tagaytay picnic.

My friends on the last day of this year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.

Me and my little sister on top of the famous rock formation in our town – “Kapurpurawan” (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)


I love jump shots! 🙂 I don’t know but maybe it’s the Asian in me that keeps wanting to have jump shots wherever I go. Well, jump shots and peace signs. LOL.

Most of the time though, my friends cannot capture me during my jump because they are not that familiar with my camera so I just settle with shooting them instead. I actually have a lot more jump shots in my photo library. A LOT, I tell you! 🙂


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Rio and her high school batchmates went to Tagaytay for a day trip and the kaladkarin in me became giddy with excitement when she mentioned that I could come along. This means though that I won’t be able to attend the Sunday mass and therefore break my self-imposed pact of hearing mass every week. So I went to UP on Saturday afternoon for the anticipated mass and also dropped off the race kits for Ate Joyce. She took my place in the Run for Home event because I sprained my ankle days before.

Come Sunday, Rio and the rest of the gang picked me up and we hauled our butts to Tagaytay. Good thing I already met most of her friends who came along and they remembered me so it was a lot less awkward for me and I didn’t really stick out like a sore thumb.

To thank Rio for the invitation, I thought of giving gave her a bar of dark chocolate. I still have another one at home and I’m not really a fan of sweets so I’m having a hard time finishing all of it.

Along the way, they pulled out a pack of Nutri Star and joked about how it was actually our ulam. The variant they had was lechon manok flavored, that’s why. I tried one out but didn’t really like it ‘coz it was too ma-umami for my taste, so yay! More ulam for them. Haha!

Ten of us were cramped inside JR’s car. I believe it was most torturous for four of us at the back because we had minimal leg room and head room.

Meet Mycah. As soon as we got to the park, she jumped off the car and started posing for the camera. She is not shy at all. Here she is barely 5 minutes upon arrival. I couldn’t count the times she stroke this pose that day.

Here’s JR and Rhea, the cute couple who owned the car we had. Later that day, I learned that they just got married and just had a baby. It is not evident on Rhea’s slim bod though that she’s already a momma.

The air in Tagaytay is definitely fresher and cooler that what we have in the Metro. Thanks to the lush greens all around.

Here’s Josh smiling for the camera. I actually met him months before but he doesn’t remember me. #creycreycrey Not surprisingly though, he remembers Henry, my camera.

With me in the photo are Diam and Milag. I have met Diam before but it was my first time meeting Milag. I was shocked by her boyfriend woes while we were on the road. Also, thanks to her we got a shitload of hotdogs to munch on.

Paola is one of Rio’s friends I am most familiar with. I was surprised her hair is actually that long. The previous times I’ve seen her, she has her hair bundled in a bunch.

Another familiar face for me was Pipoy. I remember that time when Timmy, Rio and I spent the night at his place, talking about inappropriate things. Haha.

I’ll just dump photos from here on and let the captions tell the story.

After feasting on giniling, chicken and hotdogsssss, we decided to walk around. The winds were really strong and here's Pao on a roller coaster. LOL

And now, here's Rio doing the roller coaster move. Ang saya lang niya. =)

Told you, winds were strong. Here's Diam's Sadako shot

JR took over the camera and took pictures of us from every angle possible

Because none of us was up for it, we just watched other people on the zip line

Potential album cover. LOL

There's a jam forming behind us. Do we look like we care? NOT!

The view was great, if not for the fog.

Just another shot with the wonderful view as background

Pipoy harassing a young tree =)

Mycah's infamous hair flip

Pao's perfect jump shot

Rio and I buying pasalubong. LOL. Kala mo ang layo ng pinuntahan.

Rio and I on a tree


There were stalls selling flowers for a very cheap price

Stop over at Colette's to buy buko pie

Photo op with Shalani at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. KANTANONG!

I’d love to go back to Tagaytay someday. I really had fun and I’m looking forward to more adventures with these guys. ♥♥♥