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I wanted to share with you a few pictures from a very short stopover at Agua Grande on our way to another tourist spot (this is after going to Blue Lagoon and Bantay Abot Cave).


I have been to Agua Grande a couple of times as a little kid. The oldies would take me with my cousins on a picnic and we could easily spend a day just frolicking around the river. Agua Grande is actually an estuary – a point where the river and sea meets. Cool, right? 🙂


Agua Grande translates to dakkel a danum in Ilocano. It is actually a mini hydro-electric power plant built during the Marcos regime to supply electricity to the residents of Pagudpud. I am not sure though if it is still fully functional to this day.


Stay tuned for two more Ilocos Norte tourist spots! 🙂