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If you were not amused by the song (and the video!), you are one uptight person. LOL. 😀

I have been super busy with work the past 2 weeks and this blog suffered. I’m trying to bring back my blogging mojo though, so things are looking up.

Cheers to a good week ahead! 🙂

So, I come back with more parodies! 🙂 I don’t know about you but Key of Awesome parodies really crack me up. These guys are just so brilliant! 🙂

Here is their take on the not-so-recently viral single, Call Me Maybe.


I found this other one and I was shocked to see that they have more than 11 million hits! That’s freaking looooots! I personally loved the girl character with her Paris Hilton-ish accent. :p


But my most favorite so far is the one below. It gets funnier because there are girls out there who are really THAT overly attached, LOL. And with over 16 million hits, WOW right?

I think this is a very good campaign! Not only will we be helping the environment, this is also a good way to eat healthier. I will be trying this out starting next week. This could also be a good opportunity to experiment on more vegetarian dishes. Hah! This should be interesting…


I don’t know about you, but Coca Cola has got to have one of the best advertising campaigns. It even worked better when they tapped on the whole HAPPINESS shite. I tell you, their ads make me cry imaginary buckets of tears. Imaginary mainly because I am not a crybaby but gettit gettit? They are freaking awesome, man! Those viral videos tug at your heartstrings and such?

And Natasha Beddingfield just released her version of the Coca-Cola holiday song: Shake Up Christmas. I heard she also sang it in different languages but I have yet to find those versions (I found the Romanian one, though. LOL)


OK BYE. I gotta go sing this song all day, everyday til Christmas.