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This is my way of reminding myself of the little things that recently made me happy as inspired by Helga.


I have been extremely busy these past few weeks hence the unintentional hiatus. Work was crazy due to movements in the team and the little downtime I had, I chose to spend on catching up on sleep. I wasn’t THAT physically tired but it sure felt like my brain was FRIED. But anyway, I am trying to slowly get back on track with the blog. I am currently stuck at home with a slight fever and an upset stomach so this post serves as a good distraction. So here is the week’s list.

  1. Cris and I very rarely go to malls (I tend to avoid malls because PEOPLE, ’nuff said) so I was quite adamant when he said he wanted to have our date-night at SM Megamall. I gave in and we had a lovely dinner at a curry house. Then he dragged me to the appliance store and bought me an oven! I have always wanted one but keep putting off buying one for no apparent reason and now he finally did it for me. Brownie points for the man! 🙂
  2. I love eating out and trying out new restaurants. This weekend, Cris and I got to try out the food at Eri Curry and decided to film our meal.I started a ~web series~ on my YouTube channel and named it Dead Hungry, which directly and aptly translates to Patay Gutom LOL. If you’re keen on watching us stuff our faces with delicious curry, I’d appreciate it if you watch the video below.

  1. Some friends decided to come over to our condo unit and cooked up a feast for us.We had buttered garlic shrimp, halaan soup, buttered veggies and fried whole fish. YUM!
  2. To commemorate June as PRIDE Month, we staged a mini-concert at work featuring employee talents and a ~celebrity guest~. We invited over Rita from The Voice Philippines and she was great. My group also performed two songs that show support to the LGBT community. 
  3. Free food! My team won around Php10K from another event and we decided to celebrate by ordering lunch for everyone. Free food is always good LOL.
  4. It’s time for our Midyear Performance Evaluation and I am so glad to hear good feedback from both my supervisor and manager. I have been working my butt off extra hard this year and it just feels good to be validated.
  5. Finding girlfriends who share your opinions and beliefs.Whether it be towards social media, money, relationships, work or whatever.
  6. A friend from work recently went to Boracay and I am so happy he obliged to buy mea box of Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee. I have been having it for breakfast with a cup of coffee and  it just starts my day off at the right note.
  7. My company provides car service to employees who leave work after 10pm. I always work way past the time and it’s just so nice to not worry about getting home safe and sound. Not to mention the savings I incur. I swear, cab money has been burning a hole in my pocket.
  8. I finally watched the finale of iZombie 1! I love it and I can’t wait for the next season to start.


This is my way of reminding myself of the little things that recently made me happy as inspired by Helga.


This week has been both busy and boring at the same time. You know those days when you have so much to do but you still seem to be bored? I’ve had those days all week. But I still have to be thankful of the little things.

  1. I spent the weekend in Baguio. With Manila’s heat, I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to have spent a couple of days somewhere cold.
  2. Because I went to Baguio, I got to spend some time with my little (and only) sister. She goes to college in UP Baguio and my visit coincided with her last few days before their semestral break. The last time I’ve seen her was during the Holy Week and I’ve missed her so much.
  3. Fruit (and veggie) smoothies. I brought home strawberries and other fruits from Baguio. I have been making smoothies almost everyday and I’ve been slowly incorporating some vegetables into the mix. I plan to transition on having green juice everyday soon.
  4. Catching up with old-time friends. I don’t text a lot and I honestly hate phone calls so when I don’t see my friends personally, I tend to lose connection. I am thankful to have met up with friends I haven’t seen for a long while now, and finally got updated on each other’s lives.
  5. Speaking of catching up, I finally caught up on all the iZombie episodes. When I started watching this series, there were already 10 episodes out. And just yesterday, I watched Episode 12. I am so excited for the season finale!
  6. Finally finished my process cross training at work. I am offloading a bulk of my current book of work to make way for incoming processes. The training was tedious but I am glad we got it over with.
  7. Post-fight niceness from Cris. We didn’t really fight FIGHT but we got into a little bit of misunderstanding a few days ago. He’s always extra nice and attentive after these episodes so I cherish these “spoiled” moments LOL.
  8. Facebook’s “On This Day” thingamajig. I guess this has been existent for a long while now but I only got to notice it this week. It gives you snapshots of your Facebook posts on the same day, several years ago. It’s just fun to reminisce such memories.
  9. My housemate’s brother is in the city and he brought over some pre-cooked Bicolano food: sinantol and laing. They are now sitting in my fridge,waiting for me to devour them. I plan to do so tomorrow, and pair it with fried fish. Omnomnom!
  10. Today’s lunch at SOM’s. I always look forward to Friday lunch-outs with my team. Today we had copious amounts of Thai food and I washed it all down with SOM’s Thai Tea which I terribly missed.

How was your week?

Things I can’t really say upfront to certain people…


  • A friendly yet unsolicited advice, GET OFF YOUR FUCKING HIGH HORSE! Honestly, you are not as good as you think you are. Not even close. You are weird and quirky but in a non-adorable way. Give yourself a favor and lose the attitude. And for Christ’s sake, get yourself a decent haircut!


  • I am so happy that you are trying to get out of your comfort zone and is now more open to experience new things. I know sometimes it appears like I am egging you on to become more spontaneous and act more (for lack of a better term) stupid, I just want you to savor your newfound liberty. I know and I have faith that you are still able to restrain yourself despite being more carefree. Continue living life to the fullest! 🙂


  • Thank you for trusting me, for opening up to me. We have never talked about our relationships THAT way before, mainly because I always wanted you to talk about it when you are entirely ready. That night only proved that you trust me enough to tell me all about it, and I appreciate the trust. You have so much patience and love in your heart, and I only pray that you remain strong despite all the trials. And when the load gets too hard to bear, you know I’m just one text message away.


  • Shape up, man! You have got to stop being a dead weight and start cleaning up after your own shit. We can only do so much for you. HELP YOURSELF! Don’t you put into heart all the motivational nad inspirational quotes that you share? I know that this is not entirely where you want to be, but as long as you’re here and not able to leave, you need to earn your keep. And don’t act all hostile towards the people who try to help you either. Appearing to be apologetic and humble will come a long way when you’re in deep shit. But honestly, if nothing else works for you here now, feel free to leave. Pursue your passion. I know you will be a lot happier when you go after what you really want.


What are things you wish you could say to people around you but just can’t?

I made exactly the same thing previously, if you’re keen you can read it here: Unsent Letters


Finally, the work week is done! My contact person from Frankfurt is not getting back to me so I decided to ditch him and just go home for the night. Serves him right for always rushing me to finish things and then never replying when I send follow ups. Meh. Demanding clients who never hold up their end of the bargain are the worst. /endrant

I am so excited for this  weekend! Tomorrow, I am going thrifting with a good friend and then maybe  go to the salon since my hair’s regrowth is just so disgusting now. And of course, we will be eating lots. Hopefully, we’ll get to try a new restaurant again. 🙂

Then on Sunday, a bunch of friends and I will be playing with bows and arrows for an hour, just because the Olympics is going on. LOL no, we bought vouchers from this deals thing online and we still have an hour of playtime each left. And we might just be watching Brave after the session just because the little redheaded girl is also an archer there, hehe. 😀

So yeah, that’s basically my weekend plans. This kitty up there will be having a blast. Me? I’m going home to watch the whole Season 1 of Suits and maybe eat a bag of chips. 😉

Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂



Waaaah! I still cannot believe it’s already August. Time is slipping by real fast, I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up. But I am really excited for August because it’s my birthday month! Woot woot! 😀

Despite being very busy with work for the past two weeks, I am not complaining. I just turned one with Deutsche Bank last July 18, so that’s one thing to be happy about. 🙂 And this month is also looking great, so far.

I am sooooo looking forward to my long vacation! I am going home to visit my family in the province from 18th to 30th of this month. That’s more  than two weeks of home loving with the fambam and excited is an understatement of how I feel right now. I might be also learning how to drive manual *crossed fingers*.

And there’s all the home-cooked meals I need to devour. And the all the seafood! God, I can’t wait! 😀

So cheers to a legendary August, yeah? 😉



As a child, I never had the chance to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Luckily for me, I get to try these kinds of things now that I’m a tad bit older. Talk about tumatandang paurong. LOL. But it’s never too late to catch up on missed childhood experiences, right? Besides, nobody’s ever too old to play dress-up.

This is the reason why I love themed parties. For the past 2 years, I have participated in office Halloween parties all decked out. First, as The Princess of Darkness where a couple of bratty kids punched me in the head because they thought I was really a bad guy. Oh such happy memories… NOT! Then last year, our whole department dressed up as penguins from Happy Feet.

This year though, our team was not required to join the costume thingamajig. My restless ass refuses to be boring so I commissioned my roommate to rent out some hats from this rental shop near their office. Heh. Hats, how creative you say. But that’s better than plain black shirts naman noh!

Instead of dressing up as monsters, they provided us each with a balloon to decorate. Spot the zombie from Plants vs. Zombies in the picture above! =)

They said to make it spooky so the murderer in me immediately thought of dead people and lots of blood. LOL. I was blindsided as the winning balloon was a cluster of Angry Birds. Meh, I am never taking instructions seriously again.

Click here for more photos.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably read on my recent addiction to the simulation game Virtual Villagers. It’s like SIMS but the setting is in a castoff island instead of the city. I’ve spent hours and hours of my day just looking at my villagers building huts, foraging for food, and going indoors to mate. If I’m not playing, I listlessly worry if they have enough food to live by or they’ve already starved their selves to death. This weekend, I spent most of my time in bed glued to my laptop. Such a waste of precious time, I tell you. I have been playing it like it’s my job. Shame on me really coz I’ve got a bajillion other things to do. Ironically, all these other unfinished tasks are real-job related. Meh.

Pondering on this though, it seems like I have used this game to distract myself from the gruelling truth of reality. I have been feeling down these past few weeks because I’m leaving Globe in a week after almost three years of working there. I haven’t been necessarily open with work-related shenanigans in my blog but for lack of a better outlet, I’m finally letting it out in the open that I’m leaving Globe. I’ve spent many sleepless nights asking for guidance from the Higher Powers, analyzing the situation inside-out.

In the end, I opted for change. It wasn’t an easy decision. God knows, it wasn’t. But instead of moping around with the thought that I only got less than one week with Globe, I must move forward and make sure to do good in my new job. The changes are drastic – starting off with the fact that I will not be working the normal 8-5 shift anymore. I am to service people in a different time zone. Will be working with a whole new group of people. Impressing a new boss and all that shite.

Change is indeed inevitable. Whether it be for better or for worse, change is better than being stagnant, settling. Que sera, sera.