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We were drinking cheap rum at a friend’s house, it was all we could afford from our meager college allowance. Everyone else was too plastered to function so you volunteered to take me home. I was mumbling my thanks when you suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me right smack in the mouth. The only thing I could think about was how rough your tongue was. It was like sandpaper rubbing against mine. You asked if I would go out with you, I said no.

You were the club’s bartender. I met you at a time when I wanted alcohol more than I could afford. The bar you worked at had ridiculously priced drinks, I got them all for free. While I was waiting for you to get done with work, you leaned across the counter and planted a kiss on my cheeks. I thought that was sweet so I tugged you back for another one, on the lips this time. When we went out to a movie, you bought me popcorn. Somehow, I could not get over the fact that you just cannot pronounce CHEESE right.

I met you at a concert, you offered to show me a magic trick. I was quite taken by your looks, and you spoke English in a way that I like. I spent the rest of the concert with you, away from the stage, at the very back of the crowd. I kept asking for more magic tricks, but then you said you’d need to charge. I tentatively kissed you, then you pulled me in closer. Breathless, you whispered to me, “Apparently, you could also do magic with your mouth.”

We were all drunk and honestly getting bored, ready to call it a night. Then your stoner roommate climbed up to the rooftop and started passing around a lit joint. I didn’t take a hit but I still managed to get high from all that secondhand smoke (who knew that was even possible?). You started stroking my hair, repeatedly saying how long and soft it felt. You kissed me. When you lifted your face away to take a breath I started laughing, then you joined in. We laughed until there were tears in our eyes. To this day, I still can’t figure out what was so funny.

You tasted sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. The kind of sweet that had me asking for more. You always gave me more. For some reason, you always liked kissing the insides of my wrists. Sometimes when my wrists hurt from being on the computer for too long, I remember you. And my wrists hurt a little less…