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My Birthday Wishlist

Posted: July 29, 2011 in The Daily Grind
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AKA things I’d probably end up buying for myself because, come on, I do not have a boyfriend who’s morally obliged to spoil me with these things.

So, my birthday is fast approaching. In less than a month’s time, I’m turning 24. Yeah, 24. Old, I know. But as they say you’re only as old as you feel. In that case, I’m actually a 69-year old lady. Yes, I feel THAT old.

Anyway, here’s a list of a few things that would make my birthday more special. Because I’m materialistic like that.

1. Laptop bag – Last weekend, I got the chance to visit a Penshoppe store. I was originally planning on picking up some hankies but I didn’t know they were so expensive! A hundred bucks apiece? Call me cheap but I’m not paying for that overpriced piece of cloth! I just browsed through the other items in the store instead and saw this beauty. I WANT IT!
2. DVDs – I really don’t have a specific show in mind just yet but I want to have a stock of things to watch during weekends when I get too lazy to go out. LOST and True Blood are top of mind, though.
3. Birthday card – Nothing beats the warmth a hand-written birthday greeting brings. Not even a hundred of those “HBD GB” wall posts in Facebook. I’d prefer a tangible card any day, especially if it’s from overseas (ZANE!!! lol)
4. Birthday cake – As a kid, I really didn’t have birthday cakes. We’re poor! HUHUHU. That’s why I get all giddy at the thought of blowing out my birthday candle.
5. Books – Some of my friends have been raving about The Hunger Games nonstop. I want in on the greatness they’re talking about.
6. Wallet – The last decent wallet I had is now rotten, LOL. The leather material’s all fucked up and to continue using it may now be deemed as a sin against humanity. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using a pouch cum keyholder as a wallet. UNACCEPTABLE.
7. Bag – I am now a believer of the saying that a girl could never have too much bags. I just bought two shoulder bags from Charles and Keith last month during our trip to Singapore and now I want mooooore!

So, that’s basically it. Nothing extravagant, really. I could talk all about the material things I am lemming for but what’s essential is God continues to provide me with the things I really need – good health for me and my family, good friends, and of course MONIEEEESSSS!!! Kidding… Or not.