101 things and more

I revamped my ~* BUCKET LIST *~ because the last one seemed too blah. I’m not counting the things that I already accomplished so consider this starting from scratch.

Career and Education
1. Get promoted
2. Get a new job
3. Take and pass the Civil Service Eligibility Exam
4. Enroll and finish a Masterals Degree

Photography and Culture
5. Take portraits of my family
6. Visit a museum
7. Document a “day in the life” in photographs
8. Watch and photograph a sunrise
9. Watch and photograph a sunset
10. Go on photo walks (0 out of 5)
11. Learn Photoshop
12. Try out new restaurants (0 out of 20)
13. Go to a concert
14. Write and photograph a “What’s in the Bag?” article

Travel and Adventure
15. Go camping
16. Go to the zoo
17. Spend a day at the beach
18. Go on a daytrip to Tagaytay –> Read about it here.
19. Stroll around Luneta Park/ Manila Bay
20. Get drunk as fuck in Boracay
21. Spend a weekend at Baguio
22. Tour around Macau and Hong Kong
23. Shop in Singapore
24. Break a shitload of ceramics at Tacsiapo
25. Try out zip lining
26. Go on a trip by myself
27. Watch a PBA game at Araneta

28. Go on a picnic complete with mats and packed food
29. Take my family to a vacation somewhere
30. Make a new friend
31. Have dinner with friends to catch up (0 out of 20)
32. Treat friends on my birthday
33. Do something to people “just because” (0 out of 10)

34. Buy a new pair of trainers
35. Purchase a new lens or camera
36. Buy myself a laptop
37. Go thrift shopping (0 out of 10)
38. Buy something from eBay

39. No fast food for a month
40. Cook dishes (1 out of 20)
41. Run a marathon
42. Fix my teeth and get braces
43. Workout at least twice a week (0 out of 20)
44. Bring packed lunch to work (3 out of 30) –> Look at what I’ve prepared here.
45. Go one month without soda (3 days)
46. Eat things I never tried before (0 out of 10)

47. Watch 100 movies in a year (21 out of 100)
48. Get another tattoo
49. Write a letter to a stranger and leave it in a random public place
50. Get a massage at a professional spa
51. Learn how to drive
52. Join an outreach program
53. Identify 100 things that make me happy (0 out of 100)
54. Downgrade my Postpaid Plan

I still need additional items so your inputs are very much welcome. Aja! ^____^

  1. larie says:

    tara let’s do 1-3, 5-6, 7 (hmmm. can i skip drinking??! haha), 8, 12 (wala nga lang akong car, pwede road trip commute?? LOL), 15 and 16.

    • kleypas says:

      let us, let us! and you, skipping the drinking? i don’t think so! haha.

      let us do these things shall we! oh boy, i am an excited kitty cat.

  2. Rio says:

    20. Bring and treat friends to Ilocos… beach! beach! beach! 😀

    • kleypas says:

      hahaha. kailangan talaga may treat pang kasama dun? pwede bang bring na lang mas madali i-accomplish? haha. pagudpud, antayin mo lang kami, haha

  3. nerodelnero says:

    Let’s try taksiapo!!!
    Tapos mag sulat tayo ng message in a bottle.
    Sama mo ako sa Bora.
    Tapos Batanes.

    • kleypas says:

      Taksiapo? Yung nagbabasag ng pinggan? Sige, gawin natin yan.
      Para san at kanino naman yung message in a bottle? Hehe.
      Sige mag Bora tayo. Lessssssgows!
      Gusto ko din yang Batanes. Haha. Parang puro gastos? Haha.

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