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Talk about our future like we had a clue. Never plan that one day I’d be losing you.

We used to dream about our future together. We even fought about where we would put up our future house  – I wanted to be somewhere solitary, you wanted to build our home underneath your parents’ nostrils. We’ve always agreed to have just two kids, a boy and a girl. You wanted them to look like you, I wanted them to be as tough as me. But now, our future’s blueprint have lost its detail. Like the way we’ve lost each other.


Sometimes when I miss you, I put those records on.

Music is one thing we’ve always had in common. I remember nights when you lulled me to sleep, days when we sang along to music on the radio. We used to scour the interwebs for duets just so we could sing them and prove to ourselves that we do blend well together – in life and in music. We might have hit the notes, but we sure missed on love.


And in another life I would make you stay. So I don’t have to say you were the one that got away.

If I could turn back the hands of time and relive my moments with you all over again, I would probably play my cards just a wee bit different. Maybe, just maybe, I would let you stay. Maybe I wouldn’t push you away when the going gets tough. Maybe I would hold on just a little bit longer. Maybes. All I got are maybes. Because baby, let’s face it: You already got away.


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I don’t know what is up with us Filipinos making such a big deal with dates. Last year, 10/10/10 was the star of the show. And now, 11/11/11. People said we should celebrate it coz it only happens once in a lifetime, but so does other dates. One big fat DUH to you! Every single day is worth celebrating! Not unless someone invents a time machine that allows us to go back in time, I wouldn’t be caught making a big deal out of days just because the succession of numbers look fancy.

I don’t want to be a buzzkill, heh. So here’s a video from someone who obviously had a lot of time to kill last 11/11/11.

Just sharing with you a couple of links that amused me. Coz I’m easily amused liek datt.

1. 14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed



It’s a combo-Exclamation/Question mark, and it’s awesome. It is the glorious punctuational equivalent of saying OMGWTF?!


2. 25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names





3. 40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain

Visualize a box in your head labeled “Expectations.” Whenever you start dwelling on how things should be or should have been, mentally shelve the thoughts in this box.

Visualize an empowered single you—the person you were before meeting your last love. That person was pretty awesome, and now you have the chance to be him or her again.



 4. For Gifts You Can’t Wait to Give

Watch this short if you have around 9 minutes to spare. It’s oddly reminiscent of 500 Days of Summer only with a less hot lead actress (yay, offensive me!).

My heart weeps for the guy.

Earlier today while I was getting ready for work, I received a text message from one of my friends.

Kailangan kita. Actually, kailangan ko lahat ng kaibigan ko.
Trans: I need you. Actually, I need all of my friends

I immediately texted her back with panic milling through my head – you see, her daughter (my goddchild) just got hospitalized because of dengue. I feared she hasn’t recuperated yet and that her situation worsened. Thankfully, it’s an entirely different problem she’s encountering now. She broke up with her boyfriend. As it turns out, her boyfriend is one cheating bastard. She says it hurts, and I know it does… FOR NOW.

You see, in life, pain is inevitable. That’s the beauty of life. You need to experience darkness to appreciate the light. You need to see the bad to further enjoy the good. Cliche as it may sound, you do need to feel pain sometimes to savor the real taste of happiness.

I still vividly remember my grief when my favorite aunt drew her last breath while I was combing her hair. I was still a kid, still to fully grasp the power of cancer. But I felt the full impact of losing someone in my life; of getting robbed of the chance to experience the beauty of life with her again.

A breakup is just another form of death; and as with death, it is perfectly normal to grieve and feel pain for the death of a love. Breakups are never easy, especially those induced by cheaters. My friend is just unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a cheater’s wrath.

I couldn’t offer her any other advice but: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. No matter how painful or depressing or sucky it feels right now, it too, shall pass. It might hurt now, but it will all be better IN TIME. Give yourself time to grieve and heal and move forward. Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy. And maybe indulge on a drinking spree with me for good measure, yeah?

Have you ever been heartbroken? What helped you move on?

After that tiring shopping spree at Bugis Street, we headed for another adventure at the Singapore Night Safari. To get there, one has to take a bus that traverses the same route going to Singapore Zoo.

There is this statue near the entrance and we just had to take a picture with it.

After buying your tickets, head to the Tram Station to board the little tram that would take you around the whole jungle.

I do not have pictures of the Safari ride because flash photography is highly prohibited; the flash could startle the nocturnal animals around so you’ll just have to take my word for it – IT WAS AMAZING! I say it was the perfect way to end that tiring day as all we needed to do was sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of the jungle at night.

At the onset, I was skeptical if the animals were really alive and not just some real-animal-looking-mechanical-things. Upon closer look, they ARE real! They move around silently, minding their own business. Because the animals are free to roam around, not seeing them in their designated area was not a cause for panic. As the guide said, you have to keep your eyes peeled as you never know where the animals are. It’s amazing how the animals are so tamed! I kept wondering if an animal has ever gotten astray and had a fight with the other more territorial animals. LOL.

After the safari ride, we were just in time for a live animal show. They trained these nocturnal animals to do cute tricks for the audience. At one point, the host announced that one of their pets have gone missing and that we all had to check under our seats if it was there. Then they asked one certain person to stand from his seat because they think the pet could be under his chair. And indeed, it was there! It was a huuuuuuge python which needed to be carried by 5 assistants! WTF right?

Anyway, we headed for dinner after the show. There were a good number of restaurants near the entrance but we chose to eat at Bongo Burgers. We had some deeeee-leee-cious pasta and chicken. Omnomnom!

They served their drinks in these cute little jars. So cool! Their plates also had interesting animal patterns.

Ate Diane noted that it’s the best chicken she’s ever had in Singapore, so far. Pretty dope, huh?

The next day, we went back the same route to visit Singapore Zoo.

Our original plan for our 3rd day at Singapore was be at Singapore Zoo all day and jump to the Night Safari at… well night. LOL. But it rained on us so we had to change our plans. Good thing we were with Ami and Ate Diane (another one of our friends who’s now also working in SG) so it was not that hard for us to come up with Plan B. They suggested we could do some shopping at Bugis Street, so Bugis it is!

But first, breakfast was in order. We met Ate Diane at McDix and devoured their breakfast deliciousness. Strangely, I have no photos of the food we ordered. Maybe a picture of those two beautiful ladies, then?

After breakfast, we needed to print some stuff out so we dropped by Ate Diane’s office which had an awesome porch view.

Then off we went to Bugis Street. Bugis is like a trendier and waaaay bigger version of our very own Greenhills Shopping Center. Well, that is if Greenhills had their fair share of Sex Shops.

There was a huge stall selling fresh fruit shakes and Ate Diane got us one each. I had the Honey Plum and it was delicious!

Then we bought chocolate pasalubongsss from this shop which albeit being small, offered a wide array of choclits and other delicacies to choose from. This is where I bought my pack of nori strips which took me forever to finish. Heh.

Later, we got sucked into the shopping frenzy and our cameras got shoved down our bags. There were just so much things to buy! LOL. They come pretty cheap, too! Only downside was the store owners were pretty stingy when it comes to trying on their clothes so you just have to cross your fingers and hope that what you buy fits you. Me, I got crazy at an earring store. THOSE you could try on.

Before we knew it, it was already lunch time so our shopping spree was cut short. To be honest, it was kinda bitin but my wallet approves of the pause in spending. Heh.

We had lunch at a nearby mall. It was also a good way to give our already tired feet their much needed break. Everything we had for lunch was delish especially their rice with nori bits on it.

The two SG working ladies had to run some errands so Nero and I were left to shop some more. We bought the tourist-y I ❤ SG shirts at Giordano and I also got a replacement for my battered trainers. We convened with the others after because we were headed next to the Night Safari!