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Last month, Bossing took us to Enchanted Kingdom. (By “took” I mean he paid for everything) Awesomesauce! Made more awesome by the fact that it’s my first time going there. Hurray!

Waiting for the others to arrive. I IS EXCITES!

Obligatory picture with anything related to EK. LOL. First time eh.

First ride: Flying Fiesta

Goofing off with the bosses while waiting in line at Rialto

Space Shuttle. Freakin adrenaline rush!

Anchors Away. I should have snapped a picture of Jenna's battle face.

Obligatory picture with the wizard thingamajig

Didn't try this one out. Bok bok bok bok!

Log Jam! Super loooooooooong ang pila dito.

Basang sisiw after the Log Jam

Jay shoot some hoops and won toys for us! =)

After the much enjoyable Dodgem ride

Aboard the nakakalulang Wheel of Faith

Wheel of Faith from afar

One out of the shitload (unpretty) photos I took of the firewerkksss

The calm before the storm. LOL. We got to try one of their newest offers, Horror House. We were sweating like pigs after.

I am definitely going back to EK one of these days! ♥♥♥

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted: March 24, 2011 in The Daily Grind
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Last Monday afternoon, I felt an irritating pain on my left foot. I didn’t mind it though coz I thought it was nothing. Gradually, the pain increased and before I knew it, I was limp walking. I decided to buy a roll of bandage and a bottle of liniment for my planned self medication. As soon as I got home, I did the RICE strategy: rest, ice, compression and elevation. After smothering my foot with liniment, I wrapped it with the bandage that I bought earlier, propped it up with pillows and went to sleep hoping that it will all be well when I get up in the morning.

I was wrong. Boy was I wrong!

I woke up around 430AM with the biggest urge to pee. Because I didn’t feel any pain on my foot at that moment, I directly stood up from my bed. I felt a sharp pain shoot through my ankle and I fell down. It was so painful I actually gasped and almost screamed. I couldn’t wake up my housemates for the obvious reason that it was too early for them to be getting up. I was in so much pain that I didn’t want to risk standing up. But at the same time, I really really really needed to pee so badly. I seriously considered crawling to the loo but thought it was too absurd and desperate. So I sloooooowly got to my feet and limped all the way to the bathroom and then back to bed.

So I ended up being stuck at home on a Tuesday, nursing a severely swollen right foot, worrying about tasks piling up at work. The next day, my foot was all better so I decided to just risk it and go to the office. Again, I wrapped it with a bandage and slipped on my trusty flip flops and commuted to work. Yuff! Went to the office and attended meetings on my flip flops. Hrhrhrhr. As of writing, I feel a minimal pain when I walk briskly and I’m still limping just a tad bit.

What sucks though is that I WON’T BE ABLE TO DO THE RUN 4 HOME MARATHON ON SUNDAY!!! It’s just so frustrating considering the fact that I already paid the P600 registration fee. OK, granted this is for charity and other good natured shite, but man! That’s like P600 down the drain. Also, it was to be my first marathon ever. EVER! Ugh! #creycreycrey

I am also currently battling my commuting woes. You see, I now live somewhere that entails riding on a chariot (aka jeepney) to and from work. When I was on a jeep headed home last night, I so slightly grazed my arm on a metal bar and I suddenly felt an itch spread from my left elbow to my arm. And voila! I had these red and swollen and goddamned itchy patches of skin! I looked at the other passengers and nobody else was scratching. Ugh! Why did it have to be me? #morecrey This is how my arm looked like when I got home.

OK. Ang arte lang pero I really really really hate commuting. If not for the absurdly high rates, I would take a cab all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. But since I’m a cheapskate, I would just have to endure all the glorious commuting torture everyFUCKINGday.

In other news, I colored my hair.

It all started when Mark got dumped by his girl and he went bitching about her in his blog. Then he worked on a program, “FaceMash”, which rates women based on their hotness. Overnight, it went viral at Harvard and the massive traffic caused parts of the University’s network to go down. Because of this hoax, he went under probation and was hated by most, if not all, of Harvard’s women. FaceMash’s infamy brought him to the attention of hot twins who were working on a website, and then they hired him as a programmer.

Mark flocked by his roommates as he creates FaceMash based on Eduardo's chess logic

Mark had this idea to create a social networking website exclusively for Harvard University students which he called “TheFacebook”. He approached his best friend Eduardo for help, the latter agreed and they start the site. The hot twin heard about it and thought that Awkberg stole the core idea from them.

Trivia (which everyone probably already knows by now): The twins were played by only one actor

Mark and Eduardo met this hot chick and her other hot friend and used the phrase “Facebook us”. Hot chick introduced another friend but said another friend was clueless of TheFacebook as she does not go to Harvard. Mark then decided to expand to other universities which further infuriated the hot twins. Mark and Eduardo arranged a meeting with Justin Timberlake who was presumably another internet genius. Justin won Mark’s heart and Eduardo’s jealousy.

During his first meeting with Mark and Eduardo

Justin suggested to drop the “The” and just name the site “Facebook”. Mark and Justin are now the new BFFs, Eduardo and Mark goes astray. Facebook prospered and expanded to other continents. The hot twins and Eduardo sued Mark’s ass, Justin got arrested due to possession of cocaine. Film ends with Mark sending a friend request to her ex-GF and refreshing the page every few seconds waiting for her approval.

I enjoyed the film despite some rather boring scenes where everyone was just blabbering. Oh well, this movie is full of talk anyway, so that’s not saying anything. But if you’re one who enjoys “intellectual” (LOL) movies, this one is highly recommended (that is, if you haven’t seen it yet coz apparently, it’s been months since this was shown in the movies).

On the beginning of a new month, I take a minute to look back at what I have been up to for the past month.

• Spent the first day of the year at the beach drinking warm beer to keep ourselves from freezing to death.
• A teammate’s been promoted as manager. His replacement is one part of a twin.
• Late Christmas cum New Year team lunch out at Mr. Choi. Tried their infamous taho for the first time.
• Watched Dalaw at Greenbelt 4. Dinner at Seafood Island. Tummy hurt like a bitch.
• Tried out Tong Yang for the first time after a friend’s visit to the doctor.
• Heard mass to fulfill my promise of attending mass every Sunday. Immediately failed at it the following week.
• Date night with 25C girls and Bibi. Badminton then dinner by the pool afterwards.
• Was called back by ***. Timelines and plans still as vague as ever.
• Watched Little Fockers at Glorietta 5. Also, Mama’s birthday. A phone call I’d rather not remember.
• Traveled to Batangas for Nero’s annual fiesta celebration. Foooooooood! @__@
• Unexpected breakup of a couple.
• Celebrated Nero’s birthday at Central.
• Tried out Herbalife diet… Failed at Herbalife diet.
• Another call from ***. Things looked better for a while. Until an email was left unanswered. Up to now.
• Jo’s birthday salubong at Dampa. Met NFF Cheti. ^____^
• Ate Chin’s birthday brunch at Sbarro, Megamall.
• Took a 2D/2N vacation to Cagayan de Oro. Tried out whitewater rafting and glass-bottom boat ride.
• Apartment hunting with Nero. Our contract at One Gateway Place is to lapse on Feb 15. Our next house is near a boxing gym.
• Watched The Social Network (put it here as a note to self, blog about it)
• Watched Love and Other Drugs at Glorietta 5. Tits.

How did your January go?

• Boss took a Birthday leave and left me in charge. And I dared take my extended lunch break at Uncle Moe’s Shawarma. No worries, reports were delivered on time still. Chicken feed.
• Got addicted to Angry Birds! There were nights I literally forced my eyes open just so I could finish a certain level.
• No response whatsoever from ***. Sucks balls.
• Attended the First Friday Mass at the office sponsored by our Department. Second shot at attempting to hear mass every week. And I failed miserably.
• Celebrated Chinese New Year with 25C ladies + Fridel by having dinner at Mr. Choi and dessert from Banchetto. Not even one of us is Chinese.
WENT TO EK!!! Bossing brought the whole BI team to Enchanted Kingdom! Everything was doubly fun for me coz it was my first time there. Brought home a toy to remember the day by.
• Experienced body pains and lost voice from all the screaming and jumping around at EK. Not complaining. SO NOT COMPLAINING.
• Had dinner with Timmy and Rio at TOSH. Caught up on each other’s goings on. I terribly missed them.
• Blogged about friendship. Made me reevaluate my relationships with other people. Sometimes, I just feel that I do not have the right to show pain and weakness. So not right.
• Watched Borat. LOL.
• Bid goodbye to 25C. I lived there for a year but it feels longer. I think we will always be 25C girls at heart.
• Watched Valentine’s Day aka last movie seen at 25C. LOL, senti.
• Moved to 3G. We’re now the three girls at 3G. Haha. Get it? 3 Girls? 3G? OKAY.
• Almost froze my buns to death at Antipolo with Peyups Kulits.
• Back to commuting to work after a year! I got used to just crossing a road to get to the office. Now, I need to ride a jeep to and from work. Hello, pollution!
• Stuffed myself silly with fruits because my colds and runny nose are bothering me. And for the life of me, I couldn’t get myself to drink meds. So fruits it is.
• Went to UP FAIR to catch Sugarfree’s last UP GIG. #CREYCREYCREY
• Went on my first shopping trip for the year. Went home with new shirts and leggings. I think I’m swearing off jeans forever.
• Watched Just Go With It.
• Brought baon lunch at work! It made me giddy excited. I never experienced having baon as a kid.
• Went home to Ilocos for our town fiesta. It’s been almost 7 years since I last attended a fiesta at home. And my grandma was there too. Happy days!
• Watched Gulliver’s Travel and Evan Almighty on the bus to Ilocos.