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After our very filling authentic Singaporean dinner, we went under food comma and immediately succumbed to sleep right after cleaning up.

The (official) first day of our Singapore trip was reserved for Universal Studios. Armed with maps and instructions from our friends working in SG, we trotted our excited bums off to USS.

USS facade is one hell of an eye candy, literally and figuratively.

Just a few more steps and we saw the world famous “Universal” globe a-spinning, complete with usok for special effects. LOL.

We got there pretty early so getting in was no fuss. We had zero idea on how to go around the park though so we did a quick trip to the Guest Services building to pick up some maps and program guides. We saw that a show was about to start on a nearby building so we ran to catch the “Monster Rock – Live Rock Musical”. We got lucky and caught one of the street performances where 3 scantily clad waitresses were singing and dancing to some 70’s songs.

Then we checked out Steven Spielberg’s Lights Camera Action where they do a reenaction of a superstorm scene in one of his movies. I was (un)lucky enough to be standing at the front rows so when one of the hanging boats dropped to the waters after an explosion, I was splashed. I walked around with the left side of my upper body obviously wet. We also saw Manilyn Monroe but we didn’t wanna line up for a photo op so I just snapped a shot of her with one of them tourists.

We walked around some more and took pictures of rides we were too chicken to try. Battlestar Galactica both Human and Android(?) versions were too scary for me. I look up and it’s all twists and turns. All those screams from up there did not help either. So we just took pictures near the entrance and pretended to have tried it already. LOL.

Moving on, we entered the Egypt part of USS. Humungous stone carvings were everywhere. There was also an indoor rollercoaster but we declared we were too hungry to enjoy it and passed up on that too (read: chicken bokbokbok!).

But seriously, we were really hungry already so we grabbed some grub from a nearby cafe…

I’m cutting my USS entries into parts because I want to show you everything! LOL.

Today, it seems like the universe is conspiring with some evil force to test my steadfastness on becoming a better and more forgiving person. Incidentally, all negative vibes are somewhat connected to the MRT.

Exhibit A:
This morning, as per usual, I rode the MRT from Boni to Ayala to get to work. I was extra chirpy because it’s Friday and I was too glad that the weekend is now just a few blinks away. Also, I’m wearing a customized shoe my friend made for me, and the pinkness I see when I look down is reassuringly cheerful. I was running just a tad bit later than my usual 8:30-board-the-train schedule but I was not fretting because that actually meant a relatively less dense MRT crowd.

So there I was, earphones plugged in (with the left bud missing its rubber protector =( ), minding my own business, nodding to the beat of Elecric City by Black Eyed Peas blasting in my ears. I got onboard the first train that passed. Good amount of crowd, people who were standing looked calm and comfortable. I went straight next to the doors where I’m getting off. For the information of those who are not yet aware, Ayala station comes after Guadalupe and Buendia stations. As we were passing these two stations, there are more people going down than those boarding on, so by the time it was my turn to get off, the crowd inside our section has dramatically thinned.

Even before the train has fully stopped, this one girl got up from her seat and heaved her way near the doors. Mind you, I was standing reaaaaaaaally close to the doors. For some reason I cannot fathom, said girl kept shoving me to the side (ignoring the fact that I’m really really pinned to the side already). When the doors opened, she went full force get-out-of-my-way-I’m-going-down-I-don’t-care-if-you’re-also-getting-off-and-you’re-nearer-to-the doors-I’m-shoving-you-to-the-side. She managed to yank my earphone out of my right ear, and I was like “Hey, I like this song playing!”, but only in my mind. She was not apologetic at all and threw me a dagger look instead. Right then and there, I just lost it. I shouted out “BITCH!” to her. I put my earphones back on and kept murmuring profanities. And if you’ve ever heard me curse, you know I curse hardcore. I wanted to get it on with the bitch, but she scurried off in fear. Burn!

Exhibit B:
I picked up an obviously lost wallet on my way to work yesterday. I called out to everyone in our section, hoping the owner was still on the train. Nobody answered so I took the wallet with me, swearing to myself to look for the owner immediately. I browsed through the wallet’s contents and realized that there was no money inside anymore, only IDs, cards and receipts. Unfortunately, my phone died on me as soon as I got to the office and brilliant ol’ me left her charger at home. BB was dead all day long.

Earlier today, I found a mobile number in one of those crumpled receipts inside. Called the number up and voila! I found the owner! =) I was ecstatic. It’s not every day one is given the chance to do a good deed. However, bitch was asking me things in a very rude and accusing tone. She didn’t even put on a polite façade even after I told her that I found her wallet. Not even close to appreciative.

To add fuel to the fire, she was even being all demanding and shit, asking ordering me to meet her at some place I have never been to, PRONTO! My mind went “Oh bitch, you didn’t!” I shouted at her, telling her how ungrateful she is and that she seems really accusing and how rude she’s being. Bitch didn’t back down. She was still at it so I cut the call and sent her a long ass text message instead (I didn’t trust myself enough to stay on the phone) instructing her how to claim her wallet from me and confirm that yes, I am still giving back her wallet despite her disrespect.

Come on, universe! Why do you let me deal with these kinds of people?!?
Cheesus chriest!

Not cocaine, you dimwit! I mean Coca-Cola. Oh, the goodness that is Coca-Cola. I used to be really addicted to it. And by addicted I mean crazy asdfghjkjksjf ADDICTED! I used to glug down bottles after bottles of Coke like it’s my job. I would have it with some junk food for breakfast, down my dinner and lunch with it, and not to mention the occasional doses in between meals. It didn’t help that my dad is also a fan, to the point where we would buy them 1L bottles in cases from the Coke distributors in our place.

My mom would endlessly berate us for drinking too much Coke but I guess our brains were drowned in its fizzy goodness to even listen to her. Then came bouts of UTI for me. And I never heard the end of it from my mom. She was yapping and yapping about how Coke triggered my painful pissing. I missed a final exam on a major subject on my graduating sem due to one certain UTI attack and I finally understood what my mom was concerned about. That’s when I decided to inch away from that black fuzzy goodness.

First, I started drinking less of it. BUT, what I lacked in Coke dosage I made up for in my Mountain Dew intake. Total phailage! Then I started drinking more water. My mom would make me set off an alarm every 30 minutes as a reminder for me to drink water. And it actually worked! I was sweating and pissing more. Wonchulukatdat!

For the past years, I have had several attempts on quitting Coke and any other carbonated drink for that matter. The longest ever I have been Coke-less was a few days short of one month. Aside from those moments where I wanted to punch people in the face because I couldn’t get my caffeine and sugar fix, everything went well; I was having less acid pangs and my piss was clearer (LOL, can’t believe I have mentioned my piss in this post 3 times already).

So anyway, I will try to go cold turkey on sodas again. Hopefully, I’d be able to do it on a longer period this time. Some friends have been telling me drink tea instead but I don’t like tea on it’s own. Milk teas I could take, but who am I kidding? Those are sugar-laden evils too! Earlier today, I tried a bag of Lipton tea soaked in hot milk. It didn’t make me gag, but I had a hard time finishing my mug. Hopefully, I’d get used to it over the days.

How about you? Do you also have “drinking problems”? Any tips on how to avoid soda?

*all images lifted from Google

Sobrang bagay tong pelikulang to dito sa blog ko. Poo repository = septic tank. Puro taehan lang. Napakabantot.

Bale tungkol siya sa tatlong taong gustong gumawa ng Indie film na award-winning ang datingan. Tipong pang Cannes. Si Papa JM yung producer, si Kean yung director tsaka yung isang babaeng kasing lusog at kasing ganda ko (lol) yung PA. Yung babaeng yun hindi talaga memorable, parang puro hagikhik lang naman siya buong movie. Si Kean, rakstar na rakstar pa din, wala namang naiba. Si JM, oh my gassss! Bat dun ko lang narealize na ang pugeh niya? Naka ilang palo at kurot din ako dun sa katabi kong nanood dahil kilig na kilig lang ako sa pagmumukha ni JM. Ow-em!

Siyempre bida dito si Eugene Domingo, THE Eugene Domingo. Siya kasi yung gustong kunin nina JM na lead actress dun sa film nilang “Walang Wala”. Ang bongga bongga lang niya, tapos feeling ko super fan talaga ako bilang napansin ko agad na yung bahay niya eh pareho dun sa ginamit na bahay sa Kimmy Dora. (Sana lang tama mga pinagsasabi ko dito) Pinakabenta sakin yung pinakita niya ang 3 types ng acting – winner siyempre yung TV Patrol acting. Tawa akong tawa habang nagkikikisay dun si Eugene.

Yung plot, tungkol kay Mila na sobrang mahirap at pilit pinagkakasya ang isang paketeng noodles na pagkain ng kanyang buong pamilya. Sa sobrang hirap ng buhay, napilitan siyang ibenta yung isa niyang anak sa isang Amerikanong pedophile. Dun lang naman umikot yung buong pelikula. Pinapakita ang iba’t ibang atake dun sa mga mga crucial sequence ng film. Pinakamahaba ata yung ginawa siyang parang musical, yun din yung pinaka boring.

Sa kabuuan, maganda naman yung pelikula. Para sa isang indie film, de-kalibre na nga talaga ang kalidad. Isa lang talaga yung issue ko: PILIT NA PILIT YUNG TITLE. Yung septic tank? Sa huli lang makikita. Ni hindi nga na-establish kung bakit may scene tungkol sa septic tank. Basta lang may septic tank, tapos nahulog dun si Eugene. Nakaka disappoint pa yung septic tank, walang wala dun sa eksena sa Slumdog Millionaire na nahulog din yung bida sa taehan. Wala. Pagkahulog ni Eugene, tapos na din yung pelikula. Nag zoom-in lang yung shot sa kanya na lulutang-lutang sa tae. Sa totoo lang, mukha lang namang sinigang yung laman ng septic tank. With all the oil and kangkong.

Bale di na muna ako mag uulam ng sinigang for a while.

After our airport disaster, our fates started to turn for the better. We landed at Singapore safely and unlike in Cebu, zoomed past immigration pretty easily. No unnecessarily idiotic questioning. Claimed our luggage, bought Singaporean moniezzz and took a cab to Ami’s place. Ami used to work with us at Globe and was super kind to adopt us during our entire trip.

After settling down, we walked to a nearby restaurant which was greatly recommended by Ami. Side note: I love the fact how the pedestrians are the real “kings of the roads” in Singapore. You need not wait for the streets to be devoid of cars before crossing. One can cross the road without slowing down their stride and without fears of getting hit by a car because the drivers yield to the pedestrians. Such an orderly city!

Anyway, on to dinner…

We let Ami order for us because she frequents the restaurant so she has the most reliable food choices among us three. Besides, the owners did not present us with a menu.

Our feast for the night: deep fried baby squid, baby kailan in garlic sauce, man tao, and the star of the night, king crab.

Perfectly deep fried baby squid, slathered with sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, set on a bed of cabbage. Those baby squid were almost too cute to eat. ALMOST, ok. Our growling stomachs won, though. ^__^

Kailan is like kang-kong, only more high-end and tastes better too. I think these kailan were steamed then tossed with garlic sauce.

Man tao is a chinese white bun traditionally paired with chili crabs. These were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Plus they were so light on the stomach so it’s ok to eat them even if you’re also eating rice.

You should not visit and live in Singapore without trying the famous Chili King Crab. I’m a sucker for seafood so I really liked this dish. Ami taught us the trick of eating it with man tao – dip the man tao in the chili sauce and let the bread soak it all up. Nomnomnom!

All those goodness were downed with fresh lime (my and Ami’s choice) and wintermelon tea (Nero’s). Funny though, Nero’s drink tasted like my childhood favorite palamig sa kanto. LOL.

It was a very nice way to end the day and officially start our Singapore tour. Thank you Ami for the lovely dinner! ^__^